is hammock camping worth the money

Is Hammock Camping Worth It? 5 Worries Answered

When you are considering taking up the hobby of hammock camping, one of the first questions is always: Is hammock camping worth it? If you haven’t really had the opportunity to try the hobby, a lot of uncertainty can kick in.

I mean, it seems fun. Or it was fun, the 5 minutes that you tried your friend’s hammock.

But will you be comfy? Can you sleep in it an entire night? And what about the price, will you have any money left after buying the gear?

In this article I will give you 5 reasons for and against hammock camping, to give you more background into your choice and let you in on the reality of camping in a hammock.

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#1 Is Hammock Camping Gear Worth the Money?

Alright buddy, let’s talk about whether splurging on hammock camping gear is really worth it.

Picture this: You’re eyeing those snazzy hammocks, suspension thingamajigs, and rainflies, and wondering if they’re worth the cash.

On the one hand, we hammock enthusiasts swear by the freedom these things give you. You’re practically floating in the air, and the lightweight gear lets you zoom around like a nature ninja.

So you can easily feel that there are many pros to hammock camping. Plus, learning the ropes of hammock setup gives you that “I-can-handle-anything” swagger on the trail.

But here’s the scoop: this stuff ain’t cheap. At least quality gear. Quality gear could burn a bit of a hole in your wallet. Plus, getting the hang (pun intended) of setting it all up might have you scratching your head at first.

is hammock camping worth the money

On the other hand, you can get started with some cheap hammock gear, and not invest in all the comfort accessories, like a tarp, bug net, and sleeping pad. I wouldn’t recommend that though.

If you get a poor first experience with bugs or rain, that can put you off hammock camping for good.

And also, if you are starting from scratch, even cheap gear is gonna cost you something.

At the end of the day, it’s a toss-up. Hammock camping is a matter of preference. Some people love it right off the bat, others hang in there until they start loving it, and some hate it.

In my own experience, nothing beats swaying gently in the breeze, with panoramic views all around and above, comfortably cocooned in your hammock. I have bought some expensive hammock gear, and for me, it is worth the money every day of the week.

#2 Weather Worries When Hammock Camping

Is hammock camping worth it, considering the potential weather worries you will be facing when you head out?

Well, first of all; You shouldn’t go hammock camping without a tarp. That’s just asking for trouble.

hammock camping in rain

Granted, you won’t be inside your weather-shielding tent walls, but where a tent is naturally more shielding, it is also more exposed to flooding on the ground and overflow of water from the ground.

In a hammock, you are lifted up from the ground, and away from water pooling up, but you can still wrap your tarp over and around your hammock for rain and wind protection. Snuggly.

As for lightning, no type of camping is really safe in a thunderstorm, is it?

#3 Is Hammock Camping Comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, is hammock camping worth it? Will you sleep like a king/queen, or toss and turn all night long?

Most hammocks are pretty comfortable for small stretches of time, as long as you have the right size hammock for you.

When it comes to sleeping in a hammock, on the other hand, you need to get things right. If you are a side or stomach sleeper, you might want to get a lay-flat hammock.

There are many ways to make your hammock more comfortable, so after some testing and trying, you will get the hang of it.

Ultimately, hammock camping can be very comfortable when you figure out what works best for you. I know I am more comfortable in my camping hammock than I have been in any tent.

Physically, there is nothing poking through the mattress or sleeping pad, like rocks, roots, and bushes. The gentle swaying in the wind is like getting tucked into sleep. And mentally, there is a calmness to sleeping under the stars that not much else can rival.

#4 Can You Sleep in a Camping Hammock an Entire Night?

Yes, you can, but you can also not if you don’t test things out a little before going camping.

Take your hammock for a spin in your backyard. Try sleeping in it for at least a couple of hours.

Your hammock needs to fit you, it needs the right hang angle, and you need to know how to lay in your hammock. Also, you might need some customization, like a pillow or sweater between your knees and under your head.

If you don’t nail it before you head out, you will have a terrible night. But if you got it covered, you will sleep your best sleep out and about.

#5 Space and Privacy in a Hammock

A tent has privacy for changing clothes and kind of tucking away from the environment you are camping in.

You also have room to place your stuff, like your backpack, lantern, books, food, and so on.

With a hammock, not so much. You can’t stand in a hammock. It also doesn’t have any natural walls for privacy. If you bring a tarp, you can make the most of that.

It’s not that hard to find a rock to change clothes behind or make do with some other improvised solution. So the loss of privacy and space shouldn’t be enough to not make hammock camping worth it for you.

I mean, you can’t take a dump in the forest in your tent anyway, right? So you might as well find a hidden spot for your forest privacy needs.


I’ve covered potential worries on the question of is hammock camping worth it.

As we covered, there are pros and cons of hammock camping, as well as for tent camping. The drawbacks are not big but need to be considered before picking up a camping hammock. The potential for great sleep, lighter gear, and a new form of camping experience makes hammock camping worth it for the right person

If things like privacy and walls are a big factor for you, then hammock camping probably isn’t worth it.

Next up: Is it safe to camp in a hammock?

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