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22 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Hammock Camping Is Better Than Traditional Camping

I know. It can be really hard to know if hammock camping is for you before you have actually tried it.

But your curiosity is peaked, and you want to know why hammock camping is better than traditional camping.

You’ve probably spotted a few hammock campers around, or maybe you have that hammock camping fanatic of a friend, that just keeps jabbering on about how great it is. But you need to hear from someone else why hammock camping is better.

In this post, I’ll take you through 22 eye-opening reasons why hammock camping is better than traditional camping. From saving pounds and grams in your backpack to enjoying the most beautiful views from the comfort of your hammock.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Hammock Camping Provides Floating Comfort

One of the first and main reasons why hammock camping is better, is comfort.

There is nothing quite like the comfort of a good camping hammock. Hammock camping provides a unique level of comfort as you sleep suspended off the ground, free from lumps, rocks, and uneven terrain.

– As an older guy, with the attendant aches and pains, switching to a hammock is a life changer for me, says an older guy on Reddit.

Then he continues with this diamond of a statement:

– A hammock is much easier to get into. It’s physically easier to get out of, but I’m so comfortable, that it’s hard to leave. I tend towards lazy mornings in a hammock, whereas in tents I’m always out at first light.

2. The Weight Advantage of Hammock Camping

With tent poles, sheets, and lots of fabric carrying a bulky weight, hammock setups are generally lighter than traditional tents, allowing for easier backpacking and reduced strain on your back.

This all depends on your setup of course. Some hammock tents can weigh much more than lightweight setups.

Nonetheless, a typical hammock setup will weigh less than a typical tent setup. It also packs down easier, which brings us to the next point.

compact-backpack-with hammock

3. Backpack Compactness

Hammocks pack down smaller than tents, saving precious space in your backpack for other essentials. This is really a lovely benefit which I appreciate about hammock camping. But not just me.

Take another Redditor for example. She is a typical tent camper, while her boyfriend has been hammock camping for years and is starting to get on her nerves with the compactness of his camping hammock gear.

– All his shit fits in his pack SO SMALL. Even with his insulation layers it ends up taking the same amount of space as my tent alone.

4. Quick Setup

With practice, hammocks can be set up much faster than tents, giving you more time to enjoy your surroundings.

If you reverse pack your hammock by folding the middle and stuffing that into a stuff sack, with the carabiners facing outwards, you can pretty much set up camp in a couple of minutes.

Just hook your carabiners onto your straps, and you are camping in style.

5. Hammock Camping Gives You Flexibility in Campsites

The flexibility of hammocks is definitely one of the reasons why hammock camping is better than traditional camping.

Hammocks can be hung between trees, rocks, or even over water, expanding your choice of campsites. If you are camping out of a car, you can even bring hammock stands as your anchor points.

campsite flexibility with a hammock

With hammocking, you are not limited by sloping terrain, pools of water, roots, rocks, even ground, or even ants coming for unwanted visits.

That way even the desert can be your hammock camping haven.

6. Well Rested Sleep and a Nice Cocooning Feel

As we just talked about, hammocking lets you camp above rocks, roots, and uneven terrain. That by itself can alleviate some of the causes of poor sleep when camping.

Rocks and roots have been my bane on many a tent trip.

You can get some well-rested sleep in a hammock. The nice cocooning feel that you get just adds to the comfort.

well rested sleep in a hammock

7. Less Impact on Ecosystems

Hammock camping minimizes your footprint on the environment by avoiding ground disturbance and soil compaction.

When tent camping, clearing out some twigs and vegetation is sometimes required. At least that is what many tent campers do. As well as compact the ground when camping on it.

camping has an impact on ecosystems

When hundreds and hundreds of camper repeat this cycle over, it leaves a footprint. With a camping hammock and some wide hammock straps, you can pretty much set up and pack up without even noticing you’ve been there.

8. Scenic Views From the Comfort of Your Hammock

Hammocks offer unobstructed views of your surroundings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature fully.

You get the advantage of wonderful panoramic scenes when day-camping in your hammock, as well as starful universe gazes at nighttime.

scenic views from the comfort of your hammock

9. Improved Ventilation

Hammocks offer better airflow and ventilation compared to tents, reducing condensation and promoting a cooler sleeping environment.

10. Customizable Comfort

You can adjust the tension of your hammock to achieve the perfect level of comfort, whether you prefer a deep sag or a flatter lay.

A hammock doubles as a chair when camping, so you can customize your height to a better height for sitting or when you are going to sleep.

If you are camping in a tent, you can’t suddenly open up the tent if you are feeling hot. A camping hammock, on the other hand, can hang with or without its tarp. You can add a ridgeline, bug net, cup holder, sleeping pad, underquilt, and so on, depending on the conditions and how you want to camp.

11. Protection from Crawlers

Hammocks can keep you safe from ground-dwelling insects, snakes, and other critters that might find their way into a tent.

Just make sure to hang up your boots before going to bed. Check your boots and gear before putting it back on.

12. No Wet Ground Concerns

Hammocks keep you safely off damp or wet ground, ensuring a dry and cozy sleep even after heavy rain. Your tarp is the only thing getting wet in a hammock.

With a tent, you drag shoes in and out of your tent, gear back and forth, and mud gets everywhere, not to mention moisture.

Muddy wet ground gets in your tent real quick

Hammocks avoid the problem altogether, which is why hammock camping is better for wet ground camping.

13. Reduced Gear Needs

There’s usually less fabric and poles with a hammock, compared to a tent. That alone should make for a lighter backpack and reduced gear needs when hammock camping. You get room for more in your backpack though, so you can bring more of that good stuff.

While it is true that a hammock can reduce the total needed gear, you also need to consider that a hammock alone is not sufficient to go backpack hammock camping.

To have a comparable setup to a tent, you would at least need a tarp, a bug net, and insulation.

14. Better Relaxation

Hammocks are not just for sleeping – they offer a comfortable and relaxing spot for reading, enjoying a snack, or simply lounging while enjoying the views.

In many ways, a tent is your retreat from nature when camping, while a hammock is part of your camping experience.

hammock camping terminology

I also find that when I go tent camping, it’s easy for something to be just “a little bit off”. Like a root poking you juuuuuust slightly through the pad, or the ground is sliiiiiiightly tilted so you keep falling a little bit to one side.

With a hammock, it is easier for me to get that consistent comfortable hang, which leads to better relaxation when camping.

15. Hammocks Are Easy Cleaning

Hammocks are easier to clean and dry than tents, which can take longer to air out and may require more extensive maintenance.

As we touched on previously, a tent is in contact with the ground, where there is mud, sand, moss, and so on. It gets much dirtier by default.

Tents are also more complex to clean inside and dry out. A hammock is basically being aired out when you are camping.

16. Social Interaction

Hanging your hammock near others encourages conversations and a sense of community, making it easier to connect with fellow campers.

Since hammock campers love to talk about their hammocks, the conversation is already flying!

Tents, on the other hand, are more isolated. Therefore hammocks are better for social interaction when camping.

17. Different Safety Issues

Hammocks keep you above potential hazards like critters, rising water levels, or rough terrain that might pose risks in a tent. But that is not to say there aren’t hazards associated with hammock camping.

If you are using a sub-par quality hammock or suspension system, there is always the possibility of something tearing. When something tears in a hammock, that usually entails falling to the ground.

Widowmakers are also a concern of any camping, but since hammock campers usually go under trees they are more exposed to falling branches than tent campers – who tend to seek clearings. Make sure to not camp under dead branches!

Then there’s the argument of bear burritos. Apparently, bears are not deterred by hammocks, as they might be from tents.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna give this one a tie.

18. Adaptability to Terrain

Whether you’re camping in forests, mountains, or along a river, hammocks adapt to various terrains without requiring flat ground.

When it comes to adaptability a hammock is simply superior. If you get a hammock tent, like the Haven Hammock Tent, you can camp anywhere.

19. Camping Freedom

Hammock camping encourages you to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, as you can easily set up your hammock in unique and secluded spots that might be inaccessible to tents.

However, there is a feeling of freedom that a camping hammock gives you, that is unlike any form of tent camping.

20. Unique Sleeping Experience

Hammock camping offers a memorable and unique sleeping experience that connects you more intimately with the great outdoors.

One of my best memories was waking up in my camping hammock with a bunch of birds chirping their pretty songs right above me in the trees.

21. Ultimate Relaxation

The gentle swaying motion of a hammock induces relaxation and stress relief, creating a serene atmosphere that’s hard to replicate in a traditional tent.

I also enjoy the cooler sleeping relaxation that follows a hammock, with slight breezes tickling you to sleep.

22. Stars and Sky

Hammock camping offers an unobstructed view of the night sky, allowing you to stargaze and admire celestial wonders without leaving your cozy nest.

Amazing view of the stars right from your camping hammock


There you have it. 22 Solid reasons why hammock camping is better than traditional camping. I hope my reasons convinced you to try hammock camping.

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