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Should I Backpack With a Hammock?

The great outdoors awaits. Wind in your face, new challenges, and sights to behold. Most of your stuff is ready. But a new question has taken hold in your mind. Should you go backpack camping with a hammock instead of your trusted old tent?

There are many benefits to going backpack camping with a hammock. From shaving off some extra pounds from your backpack to the allure of swaying gently beneath the canopy with awesome views all around.

If you are ready to jump on the hammock train, some hammock camping pointers for newbies are a good place to start. Otherwise read on to get your questions answered in no time.

Should I Backpack With a Hammock?

Venturing into the wild with a hammock as your shelter of choice offers a tempting array of advantages. There are of course pros and cons to backpacking with a hammock, but let us paint a pretty picture for a moment. Picture yourself shedding the load of heavy tents and tent poles, opting for a streamlined backpack that invites a spring to your step. Hammocks are the weight-conscious traveler’s dream, letting you saunter along the trail unburdened by unnecessary pounds.

But it’s not just about shedding weight; it’s about gaining a new level of freedom. A hammock’s adaptability transforms your campsite options. Say goodbye to the search for the elusive flat spot – trees become your trusty companions, offering sturdy anchors for your cozy cocoon. From rocky terrain to soggy ground, your sleep zone knows no bounds.

Ah, and comfort – that sweet reward after a day of hiking. The cradle of a hammock promises an embrace that tent floors simply can’t replicate. Bid adieu to sore muscles and pressure points; instead, surrender to the gentle sway and drift into a slumber worthy of the trail’s adventures.

A hammock could be a game-changer, transforming your outdoor escapades into a symphony of comfort and ease. It’s not without its own challenges, of course.

Is It Comfortable to Backpack With a Hammock?

While comfort is certainly on offer when opting for a hammock, it does require a bit of practice and experience. It can also require gear like a pad or under-quilt, a tarp, and a bug net to achieve the epitome of comfort.

Let’s illustrate with an example.

In example 1 you venture out with an untested hammock, no bug net, tarp, or sleeping pad. When the sun sets, mosquitoes make their appearance and start taking blood samples your doctor hasn’t ordered. As you have no bug net, this continues through the night. But hey, at least you are warm, right? RIGHT? No, cause your sleeping bag isn’t insulating your underside, and you are really starting to suffer from cold-butt syndrome. But you have no pad, so what to do? That is when you can fall back on the comfort of still being dry. Until the skies open up and start pouring down. Leaving you with the worst backpack camping experience ever.

In example 2 you have all of the above, with a suitable hammock for you, that you have tested before going out. You will be able to be much more comfortable than you probably would in a tent.

Backpack hammock camping sketch

Is It Better to Backpack With a Tent or a Hammock?

Let’s dive further into the tent vs. hammock question. Which one is better? Well, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. More so they offer different perks and disadvantages. We have touched on the perks of backpack hammock camping, but what about the tent? Which advantages does it hold over the hammock?

A tent will give you more privacy since it is walled in. Changing in a hammock will be harder to do, and so you lose your privacy in a sense. Or you must find another way to hide away.

However, that will also close you in from all the scenic views nature has on offer.

There is also less of a learning curve to setting up a tent. But it can be more time-consuming to set up camp with a tent. A hammock requires a bit more finesse. Finding the right hang angle and tension, and also the way you lay down diagonally in a hammock to achieve comfort through the night.

What Do You Need to Backpack With a Hammock?

While there are many things you need to go backpacking, on the hammock side of things you should consider the gear I mentioned in my earlier examples.

  • Hammock and suspension system, like a daisy chain strap
  • Rainfly/tarp
  • Insulation
  • Bug net

Go check out hammock camping accessories and find out which ones are the most important to you. Bringing the right stuff can really make for an even greater adventure.

Are you ready to embrace the hammock revolution and see where the swaying trail takes you?

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