How Can I Make My Camping Hammock More Comfortable

How Can I Make My Camping Hammock More Comfortable? [+ Tips for Adjusting]

So you tried hammock camping, but man, that was uncomfortable. Sleeping was almost impossible and you kept tossing and turning, not quite sure what was the problem. So you thought:

How can I make my camping hammock more comfortable?

Don’t worry, buddy. In this article, we’ll go over all the good stuff on why you are uncomfortable in your hammock, and how you can make your camping hammock more comfortable.

You can make your camping hammock more comfortable by adjusting your hang angle, sleeping diagonally, implementing a knee pillow, and many other adjustments and tricks. However, if your gear isn’t the right fit for you, no adjusting will get the job done. Getting the right, fitting gear, is essential for getting comfortable in your camping hammock.

For beginner hammock campers, checking out some hammock camping 101 is a good idea to quickly get a grasp on how to hang your hammock.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your camping hammock is the right size

  • There is a learning curve for getting comfortable in your hammock

  • Try out the adjustments in this article to be more comfy!


Camping hammocks can be comfortable to sleep in, as long as you know how to hang your hammock and how to lie in it.

I made a fair share of hammock camping mistakes when starting, and I will make more. Getting the basics down, however, will go a long way in getting comfortable in your camping hammock.

Getting some good sleep in a camping hammock is a matter of practice, experience, and having the right gear. You also need to set up things correctly to ensure maximum comfort.

The first thing you want to check is your hammock size. Some happy hammockers say you should get a gathered end hammock twice as long as you are tall. Others say 11-ft hammocks are comfortable for up to 6-ft tall people. Then again, some also say there are no hard rules.

I think the conclusion here must be to simply try some till you find a fit.

Tips for Making Your Camping Hammock More Comfortable [Try These Adjustments]

  • Get a 30-degree hang angle on your hammock
  • Use a sleeping pad/ underquilt
  • Keep the bugs out with a bug net
  • Make sure you nail that diagonal lay, unless you’re using a flat-lay hammock
  • Use sweaters/jackets or pillows to adjust and stabilize your knees, head and feet
  • Adjust the fabric to avoid calf ridge
  • Adjust the hang, and your lay, so your feet are a little above your head

Why Can’t I Get Comfortable in a Hammock?

If you can’t get comfortable in your camping hammock, you are probably not an experienced hammock camper. For all beginners and most hobbies, you need to practice if you want to get more comfort in your hammock.

It is easy to hang your hammock too tight, loose, or unparalleled. Which type of hammock you have will determine how you sleep in your hammock, and how much comfort you can achieve.

For example, you might be trying to sleep in a banana-shaped position, when you in fact should try to get a diagonal lay in many hammocks.

It can also be a matter of gear. If you are camping deep in the forest without a bug net, you can kiss comfort goodbye. A cheap, wrongly sized hammock might be the problem as well.

As you can see, there can be lots of reasons why you can’t get comfortable in your hammock. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a comfortable hammock.

How Can I make my camping hammock more comfortable

What Makes a Comfortable Hammock?

While some swear by traditional hammocks for a nice “cocoon feel”, a spreader bar hammock prevents the fabric from pulling around you and keeps a better shape to the hammock.

Some of these hammocks also have a flat-lay design, which allows you to sleep more comfortably on your sides and stomach as well.

The comfortable hammock has about 30 degrees angle from horizontal when hung from anchor points. You want a good sag, so the hammock doesn’t squeeze your shoulders. That way it is also more stable.

How Can I Make My Camping Hammock More Comfortable


Now take the tips I’ve given you in this article, and go out there and try them out!

Make sure to play around and have fun with it, it’s never gonna be perfect, but the journey should be fun.

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