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Hammock Camping Chair: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

Campers have started popping up everywhere with a new type of camping chair. The Hammock Camping Chair. Swinging back and forth while looking ultra-comfortable, these new chairs bring some new questions to the table for other camping onlookers. What exactly is a hammock camping chair, and how do you even use it?

A Hammock Camping Chair is a hybrid invention between the chair and the hammock. It suspends you in the air, on top of a solid freestanding frame, while you sit or lie down in the soft hammock-like fabric. It usually reclines and allows you to place items like beverages or phones on the sides of the hammock. The hammock camping chair is used for comfortable camping. 

What Is a Hammock Camping Chair?

Being a combination between a chair and a hammock, the hammock chair usually reclines and comes with head support, which is a nice added benefit that you usually don’t get from a camping chair.

If you’re the type that can doze off while sitting in a recliner, then the hammock chair can be a nice alternative spot to get some temporary shut-eye while camping.

Furthermore, hammock camping chairs come with sturdy frames that allow the hammock chair to hang freely. Naturally, this adds weight to the total package you will be carrying or traveling with. A positive here is that there is no need to find objects to hang your hammock chair from, as they come with their own hammock stand.

It wouldn’t really be a hammock unless it swings, would it? Being a hammock in the form of a chair, the hammock chair allows you to swing comfortably back and forth, and get a relaxing camping feel like no other (unless you are camping in a real hammock, of course).

For a comfort-oriented camping trip or travel, it is relatively compact and portable, although a bit big and bulky to bring hiking or backpacking longer distances.

The ones I checked out came in at about 7-14 lb (3-6.3 kg). At the same time, it’s a pretty heavy-duty item with a solid framework. It should usually hold around 300 lb (around 136 kg)

Additionally, the camping hammock chair usually comes with features such as a cup holder, armrests, tablet or phone pocket/stash pocket, and a headrest with or without a pillow. 

A real benefit is the option to adjust your position. You can sit, or recline as you please, giving you a real hammock feel – in a chair.

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How Do You Use a Hammock Camping Chair?

Setting up a hammock camping chair takes about 1-2 minutes. They set up and pack down pretty easily. Depending a bit on which hammock camping chair you have of course, but usually, you fold out the frame, lock it in with pins, pull the hammock chair over and down on your frame – and voilà! Your camping hammock chair is set up.

Packing up takes about the same time as setting up. It’s pretty intuitive and most camping hammock chairs pack down in a carry bag.

You can adjust your position from sitting to reclining. Spend your time at camp comfortably swinging back and forth, or lay down and take a nap.

It’s a pretty heavy-duty camping item which limits the options of when you would choose to use it, in my opinion. More on that in the section about when to use a hammock camping chair.

How Expensive Are Hammock Camping Chairs?

So, how much can you expect to pay for upping your camping experience with one of these chairs? It varies greatly depending on what you’re after.

I checked out three popular candidates, and what they cost at the time of writing. The Nemo Stargaze is the most expensive candidate I came across.

Nemo Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair – 249.95 USD.

Ozark Trail Camping Reclining Hammock Chair – 68 USD

Rio Swinging Hammock Chair – 55 USD

The range seems to be between 55-250 bucks. I’m sure you can find something cheaper if you want. Bear in mind that the hammock camping chair consists of more parts than a regular type of camping chair, and as such, the price is naturally a bit higher. The framework also needs to be solid, so you shouldn’t skimp on the quality there.

Are Hammock Chairs Good for You?

Hammocks camping chairs can be a fun and comfortable way to upgrade your camping experience, which ultimately is good for you, isn’t it? 

A lot of hammock chairs come with a neck rest pillow, which is something you often don’t get with camping chairs. In other words, you can lay back and rest your head after a hard day camping. You get a soft, relaxing place to sit that forms a bit more to your body. 

It might be a better option for you if you have any kind of back or neck pain than a regular camping chair. The rocking back and forth part also creates some movement in your body, which is always good.

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Some people mention that they feel a bit tight under their knees. It might just be a matter of sizing and testing out which hammock camping chair is right for you and your body. 

Can You Swing on a Hammock Camping Chair?

Yes, you can swing on a hammock camping chair. They come with sturdy, heavy-duty frames which you supposedly can use on a lot of surfaces. 

Don’t let anyone get too excited when they try out your hammock camping chair though, as it’s easy to tip over if you swing too hard. They are definitely designed for a chill campout vibe, more than a swing. 

More than enough to feel very relaxed on your next camping adventure.

When Do You Use a Hammock Camping Chair?

The weight of the chair makes it a better option for short-range camping. In your back yard, RV, car, festivals, etc. If you are going backpacking or hiking, the hammock camping chair is probably a bit overkill. If you are camping in a hammock, your hammock can double as your chair.

It’s a great addition to your camping experience when comfort is trumping the need to pack lightweight. You will probably get some envious looks from your fellow campers.

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