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3 Haven Tent Mistakes I Made With the Hybrid Hammock

When I first got my Haven Tent Hammock, I made some mistakes that easily could have been avoided. Nevertheless, I still made them. My 3 Haven Tent Mistakes.

Making dumb mistakes in the beginning with your new hammock can rob you of the pleasure and excitement that you deserve to experience. It might even put you off the particular product, or hammock camping entirely. That is why we need to be aware of the mistakes, so we can get good experiences out of the box.

In this article, I’ll share my 3 Haven Tent mistakes with you, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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structural ridgeline

Mistake #1: Keeping the Ridgeline Too Loose

My first mistake was hanging the Haven Tent without enough tension in the ridgeline. It’s easy enough to go through the steps and deem it good enough. Only to find that the ridgeline is sagging later when you go to bed.

I found out when I was hanging my backpack on the ridgeline. It was way too loose and ended up sagging down on my legs. A tight ridgeline will bring the hammock into the optimal form.

Make sure it is taut when you hang the hammock. Part of the trick is to pull it to the highest loop you can.

Mistake #2: Going to Sleep Without Having the Tarp Up

Another big mistake I made with the Haven Tent my first time around, was going to sleep without having attached the tarp on top. It started raining during the night, and I started cursing.

Putting up a tarp in the rain, at night, when you are tired and wet is not a recommended activity for being a happy hammock camper.

Make sure you practice setting up your Haven Tent kit beforehand, the tarp included.

Pre-pack your hammock together with the tarp for easy setup

You can even attach it and pre-pack it down, for easy setup, with the tarp on top of the hammock body.

The great thing about the Haven rainfly is that it easily rolls up to the ridgeline when you have set it up. That way you can enjoy the stars and the view, and when the raindrops start hitting, you simply roll it down.

You can attach the corners to grommets for easy setup during the night or in windy conditions.

hammock straps attached to camo hammock

Mistake #3: Securing Sleeping Pad to Corners Pockets

After some initial tweaking on my Haven Hammock, I quickly found I needed to place the sleeping pad into the corner pockets to keep the hammock stable, and for the pad not to slide around.

If you just kind of pop your pad in there and lie down, it won’t be stable. I guess it is also easy to miss, as people keep repeating the mistake.

I’ve seen others making this mistake as well, and some have even bashed the hammock in reviews for it. So make sure you secure your sleeping pad in the corners to get real comfy and get get most out of your hammock.

Conclusion: Don’t repeat My Mistakes

Getting your hands on a new hammock or hammock kit can be a thrilling experience. Make sure you make the most of it early on. Wasting a camping trip because you didn’t nail your hang and comfort in your new hammock would be a shame.

Now that you know of the mistakes I made with my Haven Tent the first time around, you can avoid them and make your own mistakes instead!

JK, get out there and hang away!

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